Resetting or repressurising your Baxi boiler

heateam ‘Know how’ video guide

Occasionally your boiler may display an error code which shows it needs resetting or repressurising.  Often it is quite simple to reset or repressurise it yourself, and avoid calling out your gas engineer.

Your user guide will tell how to do it.  Don’t worry if you haven’t got it – visit Parts Arena to download the online version.  And to help you, we have put together a series of short ‘How to’ videos that show you how to repressurise and reset various Baxi boilers.  Please watch the whole video before starting.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable resetting or repressurising the boiler yourself, or if the boiler still does not start or continues to show an error code.  Call your Gas Safe registered engineer or our service division heateam on 0844 335 2266 and they will be pleased to help you.

85 thoughts on “Resetting or repressurising your Baxi boiler

  1. Hello!

    I have a Baxi combi boiler ht 240.
    During a power failure, we tried to start a UPS SU1000I about to have heating. He could not ignited by the furnace, the yellow LED is flashed several times, but has not been started, and the liquidity criterion laid down in the E133 code. When he came back to utility power, working. UPS is not strong enough? UPS will not overload indicated.
    Sorry bad english.

    • Thank you for your message. I’m sorry we cannot identify a fault without looking at the boiler. The best thing to do is contact a local Gas Safe registered engineer – you can find one on the Gas Safe website – or call Baxi’s service division heateam on 0844 335 2266 to arrange for one of our engineers to visit.

    • Where abouts in the world are you? I will try and find the correct information for your boiler and email to you.

  2. I have seen the video for repressurising with the fixed loop which looks simple. I have a Baxi Megaflo HE IE and it is a different set up. Also it is an open system with a header tank. Having drained it to move an upstairs radiator and refilled the header tank the downstairs rads heat fully, the upstairs have no reaction and will not bleed and the boiler has no pressure. How do I repressure this boiler?

    • Hello David. Thanks for contacting us. I believe our technical helpline has advised you to get your heating engineer to look at the system for you, as the Irish version of the Megaflo is different to the usual setup. If he is unavailable, our service division heateam can arrange for an engineer to visit you. You can call heateam on 0844 871 1525 and select option 1 for further details. I hope that helps.

  3. Hi I have baxi bolier, I tried to turn it on today the power light is on makes a sound then water starts leaking from the sink tap, theres no hot water and power light just stays on. I cant see the flame light turn on at all. If I close the water vavle to the bolier the tap stops leaking. Any suggestions

    • Hi I have spoken to our technical helpline about your problem. You don’t say what model of boiler you’ve got or how old it is, be we suspect it’s a combi boiler and there’s a problem with a flow switch. You will need it looked at by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. You can find your nearest engineer by going to the Gas Safe Register website Alternatively, you can ring Baxi’s service division, heateam, on 0844 335 2266 and arrange for one of our own engineers to attend. If you have the boiler serviced anually by heateam, please have your reference number handy.
      I hope that helps.

  4. i have a baxi combi 105e, the hot water is working but the heating will not come on, the boiler is not even callin for heat when swicthed on, the reset button wont work to try restting it? there is no lights flashing to indicate anything is wrong, any ideas what could be wrong?

    • Hi Sean
      Thanks for your comment. I’ve asked our technical team about your issue. Their answer is “It is highly likely that the timer / room stat controls are faulty if the radiator demand light is not showing on the boiler”. It is probably best to ask your Gas Safe engineer to check this for you. You can find your nearest Gas Safe registered engineer on the Gas Safe website, or find your nearest Baxi installer here. Alternatively, you can arrange for Baxi’s service division heateam to visit by calling 0844 871 1545.
      I hope that helps.

      • Thanx 4 help, i have had a gas engineer look at it and was unable to detect the fault, the timeclock is workin as tried bypassin it and boiler still didnt come on and there is no room stat in house, he said it could be the pcb or the diverter valve tho not sure so dont wana be replacin parts if not certain its the fault and spendin uncessary money!

  5. I have Neta-tec combi GA 28kW. It is only a few months old. It exhibits a repeating fault showing error code 09 (gas valve cable). It is a resetable fault. However, the boiler does respond to the reset immediately. On the last occurrence it took numerous attempts over half an hour. On the occurrence before it took over a day to finally get going again.
    When I press and hold the R button the screen goes blank except for the power icon and the flashing background.
    What is wrong and why does it keep happening?
    The family is cursing me for installing a combi and we are all pining for the un-vented cylinders we had in the last few houses we owned.

    • Sorry you are having problems with your new Baxi Neta-tec. Please call the FREE Baxi Careline telephone number 0330 123 9129* between 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday or 8.30am – 2.00pm Saturday, to arrange for a qualified engineer to visit your home at a convenient time.

      • I did follow up on your reply and the engineer called by and upgraded the firmware. The local engineer is a great chap, a credit to you. However, I have two issues to raise.
        1. As you know these boilers had faulty firmware and exhibited a repeating fault and my boiler was duly registered with you after installation why did not you not automatically arrange for an engineer to call and fix the fault before we suffered all these failures? May I remind you that on one of the failures we spent three days in winter with no heating or hot water.
        2. The email contains a lie and you owe me £2.33. The 0330 number was not free. I was charged a premium rate for a special service by BT. Please either forward your payment of £2.33 or provide a free boiler service in penance for selling faulty boilers and not acting responsibly to put them right.

        You might gather I’m not happy.

      • Dear Mr Wheatley
        We’re glad the engineer called and that you were satisfied with his work. We’re sorry, however, that you were charged for the phone line, and would like the opportunity to put things right. Please email your contact details to and I will ask our customer relations team to contact you.
        Many thanks

  6. Hi, Bled all 7 home radiators about an hour ago. Baxi duo tech combo HE A Range and E119 error. Says to repressurise but not sure whether the instructions reference ‘loop fill’ is easy to follow. No reaction from boiler no matter what we try. it’s meant to be able to repressurise easily with BAXI boliers without expense of heating engineer. Please help. Pauline

  7. Our heating is working perfectly well, but our hot water will not come on. We have just moved into our property and don’t seem to have a manual, I’m not even sure of the make of Baxi boiler. Do you think this could easily be resolved?

    • Hi Kathryn. If you can find out the model of boiler we can send you the user instructions. Alternatvely, you can ask a Gas Safe registered engineer to come and check it over for you (probably a good idea if you’ve just moved in, to make sure the boiler is safe and working properly to suit your family’s requirements). Check out the Gas Safe register website, or you can find an installer on the Baxi website, or call heateam (Baxi’s service division) on 0844 871 1545. heateam may even be able to help you determine the model of boiler. I hope that helps. Oh, and best wishes to you in your new home!

  8. I’ve got the combi 33 ga combi and E128 flame failure is flashing.
    Gas fire is on so know I’m getting gas into the house.
    Pressed reset and even turned the boiler off to reset but it’s not having it.
    It’s not a year old and we’ve had several faults resulting in Baxi having to exchange the unit over.
    Really cold and unhappy.

    • Sorry you are having a problem with your boiler. Please ring our service division, heateam, on 0330 123 9129 to arrange for an engineer to visit free of charge. This number is FREE from landlines and mobiles.

  9. this one of the main problems people have with this type of boiler and this video is great. I will in future direct people to this video in the future as it can be a pain explaining it over the phone

  10. I have a Platinum 33 that is less than 5 years old. Last year it intermittently would make a very loud droning noise (like the south african vuvuzela horns) directly from the boiler itself (not pipes), but you can hear it all around the house, even above the sound of the hoover!
    If I turn on a hot water tap the sound stops and may not come back for a while – possibly days. Last time the engineer came he said to keep an eye on it. It still is happening – what is the cause? PS the fan was replaced two years ago, I don’t think it is relevant but thought you should know.

    • Thank you for your comment. As the Platinum is less than five years old, it is still under warranty, which means that you are entitled to a heateam engineer to come out and attend to your boiler free of charge. Please give heateam a call on 0844 335 2266 to arrange a visit. I actually had a similar noise with my own boiler (a different brand) and the gas/air ratio in the burner needed adjusting. I haven’t had the noise since, and it was very easy job for the engineer to test and adjust. I hope that helps.

  11. We have Baxi combi 105 HE which is 7 years old and it has just had its usual annual service. Its expansion vessel has just been replaced. The new expansion vessel is not at the place where the old vessel was. The engineer decided not to remove the old one, but to put a new vessel outside the boiler and connect it. Now we cannot always switch on the heating. When the system is cool, it is ok, We switch the heating on and it works and if we set the temperature to 30C (just for testing) the heating keeps going. However when we switch the heating off, we can’t switch it back on until the system cools off which can take hours. We can’t switch it on neither on the thermostat nor with the override button. The pressure varies from 0.9 bar (when the system is cold) to 1.6 (when hot). We tried pumping up the pressure a bit, but it didn’t help. The hot water is unaffected. Our engineer is puzzled.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Alexandra
      Please ask your engineer to call our technical helpline on 0844 871 1545. They can talk your engineer through the all the issues you describe. He will need his Gas Safe registration number when he calls. alternatively, call our service division, heateam, on 0843 636 2550, who can arrange to send out one of our own engineers.
      We hope that helps.

  12. I have a Baxi Combi Duo-Tec.., which is a year old.
    The problem is my burner light will not come on neither does the boiler. The pressure is at 1.5. When I turn on the boiler I get anE133 reading which means, no gas. I had the gas flow checked its perfect. What is causing the problem.

    • Hi Catherine
      Sorry you are having problems with your boiler. Please call our service division, heateam, on 0844 871 1545. As your boiler is only a year old it will still be under warranty, and they will come and repair it for you free of charge. Have your serial number ready when you call.
      Kind regards Baxi.

      • We have engineers in Ireland too! Are you in Eire or NI? If NI, use the number I quoted previously. If Eire, Tel +353 (01) 459 0870 ( I hope that helps.

  13. Hi
    I haven’t got hot water from couple of days and had initially error E110.I had reset and did stop boiler couple of times.Now the error message is gone off but still i cannot get the hot water.The heating seems working but not able to get hot water.Please advise me urgently.

  14. My Baxi boiler has a problem, I have hot water but the radiators do not get hot when heating is turned on even though the boiler fires up for the heating

  15. Hi,
    I have exactly the same pproblem as Sean and have no idea how to fix it I have been told bleed the radiators but that just does nt sound right to me as the Hot water comes on no problem at all. Its just the radiators. no heat an I have a baby due soon was hoping you could help me with this as I did not see if sean got a satisfactory outcome and got his boiler fixed, an how did the engineers come out an if so how much did it cost him. Its would be good if an engineer could come and just have a look because the pilot light has not been on since an engineers not a baxi enginner, came to service it. It worked before then. Glad to see such a good site for problems such as this. Cheers kelvin

    • Good afternoon Kelvin. If you call our service division heateam on 0844 871 1525 they will be able to give you a price for a one-off repair or service. It would be helpful if you have the serial number to hand when you call. Congratulations on your forthcoming baby!

  16. Hi, we have a new baxi boiler. We have noticed a green light flashing on the controls panel, along with a symbol which shows a downward arrow pointing to water.

    We can’t locate this symbol in the manual. Do we need to do anything? Our hot water is running as usual


    • Hi Julia
      Our technical department say the boiler is in standby mode – it wont do anything else….simply hold the R button for over 6 seconds and it will come alive. Let us know if you need any more information. Baxi

  17. Hi,
    Ihave a baxi duo tec combi 33HE installed couple of years ago. the hot water works fine but there is no heater as the pilot light will not come on. It is not showing any error code and the water pressure seems fine on 2 bar level. I have to reset it but it only makes some noise for some few seconds and then stops. please help


    • Hi Ola
      Our technical department says the Baxi Duo-tec doesn’t have a pilot light so that won’t come on. If everything else appears to be fine, maybe your room thermostat is turned right down so the boiler thinks your house is warm enough, or maybe there is an issue with the programmer. It’s difficult to be precise without seeing it! You can either ask a Gas Registered engineer to have a look (either look on Baxi website or Gas Safe Register or call our service division heateam 0844 871 1545. I hope that helps. Baxi

  18. We have a Due-tec 2 combi GA Range Baxi boiler, no heating or hot water. Error 53, No flame icon flashing, as is spanner icon.
    Had identical problem and error last year. An engineer came out, all he did was hold the reset button for an exact number of seconds. Nowhere in your manual does it firstly describe error 53, nor say how long the reset button should be pressed for. Im reluctant to call out again as the guy last time was extremely rude and unhelpful and just rolled his eyes at us. Please answer, thanks

    • I have checked with our technical department – E53 refers to the outlet sensor, which may mean the flue is blocked or there is air in the heat exchanger, or that the sensor needs adjusting. If your boiler is still under warranty, heateam will come out free of charge. Call 0844 871 1525 to arrange a visit, and have your serial number handy. Of course I can’t tell who the engineer was without knowing your address, but if you mention your concern when you call, I’m sure the next engineer will be pleased to help you. Regards, Baxi

  19. have a Baxi due-tec combi bolier and when it is burning it make a reving noise like wagon is out side and it can get so bad that i have to either run the hot water or alter the temp on the bolier already had two gas safe bolier men look at it spent alot of money only four years old

    • Dear Elaine Thanks for contacting us. It sounds as thought the gas/air mix is wrong (I had exactly the same issue with my own boiler – not a Baxi!) and the boiler is roaring because it is not getting enough air to support the flame. Please give our service division heateam a call on 0844 871 1525, and they will be able to advise. Or you can ask your own Gas Safe registered engineer to call our technical help line (same number) and they can talk him through. I hope that helps – mine was sorted with a small adjustment and has been fine ever since. Kind regards, Baxi

      • Already had gas safe engineer look at this 2 times but the say the cannot set it properly as the heating water is still hot when it is coming back to boiler and so doesn’t run long enough to do a proper reading up to now i most have spent about £250, it works ok for about 2month and then it starts again
        will ring Baxi and see what they say.

      • I have spoken with our technical helpline, and they suggest the engineer calls (0844 871 1525) while he is on site and they can talk through adjusting the mixture on certain fan speeds. It’s hard to say what the problem is without either talking to the engineer or seeing the boiler, but I’m sure they will do their best to help.

    • We had exactly the same problem with a platinum. After about an hour, the CH was so loud it could be heard over the vacuum cleaner. The Baxi engineers came over and over again and could not sort it. last time they changed the diverter valve, expansion vessel,changed gas rate. We are still not sure if it fixed, as the sound occurs after approx 1hr operation. Like you opening the hot water tap does make sound go away, but only until the next time!

      • Please see answer to elainenichol58e. Sorry the engineer is not curing the noise problem – I’m sure heateam will do everything they can to help.

  20. We have a Baxi Duo-Tec Combi HE Boiler and it is still heating the water but the pilot flame indicator is no longer lit. Can you please advise if a. This model has an actual pilot light and b. If this can be reset without having to call an engineer.

    Thanks you.

  21. Hi, I have a 7 year old baxi combi boiler 105 HE. I am getting hot water but the boiler, in manual or timer mode, does not fire for the heating system. the third fault light along is flashing which apparently indicates a fan or flue problem. I can hear the fan so assume it is the flue – any ideas?

    Many thanks


    • Dear Peter I’ve shown your post to our technical team. Without actually seeing the boiler, it’s very hard to diagnose what’s wrong as it could be a number of things: air pressure switch, blocked flue, even a blocked tube from the venturi. A Gas Safe registered engineer would be able to make a proper diagnosis and fix it for you. You can find a Baxi installer through the website, or the Gas Safe Register or call our service division heateam 0855 871 1525 to arrange a visit. I hope that helps, Baxi

    • Hi Si. Combi boilers, like the Baxi 105 HE, provide heat for your radiators, but when you turn on a tap, they divert the heat to provide hot water, so the radiator may cool a little. This is because combi boilers do not require a hot water storage cylinder ready for when you turn on a tap. If you turn on more than one hot tap at the same time, you may find the temperature of water coming out of the tap gets cooler, or the flow may reduce. This is normal for combi boilers, which is why a system or heat only boiler is recommended for homes with more than one bathroom. Without seeing the system, it is hard to tell if there is an issue with the boiler, but either our service division heateam or a Gas Safe registered installer would be able to tell you when you arrange your annual boiler service. I hope that helps, Baxi

  22. I have got a Baxi Duo Tec Combi HE a range boiler, we have got hot water but no heating, I have changed the batteries on the remote timer but still nothing as if it isn’t communicating with the boiler, can you please advise on how to rectify this.

    • Hi Gary. Sorry for the delay in replying. Our technical department has suggested you ask your Gas Safe registered installer to check that the PCB and timer are communicating. There could be an issue with the receiver or PCB. I hope that helps.

  23. Hi, I have a Baxi 100/2 which has had a couple of thermisters replaced by the engineer who has now left. It now runs without the previous heat-lockout problems but only fires up when the Reset button is pressed, not when the timer tells it to. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Graham. It sounds like a wiring issue. The engineer should come back and put it right for you. If it was a heateam engineer, call 0844 871 1525 and give them the job number – they will arrange for the engineer to come back and put it right for you. Otherwise, call your own Gas Safe registered engineer. If he needs help, he can call the technical helpline on the same number and they can talk him through. Hope that helps.

  24. I have a Baxi Platinum 24he, 4 years old. The ch works fine untill you use the dhw, when finished the ch wont come back on, the stat for the ch says it is on 90 but the rads are cool. The pump is boiling hot and the fan is still running low. No probs with dhw. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jon. It sounds like the three way valve is stuck or needs replacing. If your Platinum is four years old, it is still under warranty, if you have had it serviced every year, so our service division, heateam, can come and fix it for you. Give them a call on 0844 871 1525 to arrange a visit – have your warranty registration number handy when you call. Kind regards, Baxi

  25. I have looked through many threads and I need some more advice.
    Baxi megaflow 24 HE

    Explosive ignition:

    basically the the boiler will or will not fire up with a loud bang enough to rattle units
    for a while it is fine but after a day it gets progressively worse , had engineer out and it all checked good , although he did find a little moisture in fan , boiler is 6 years old , he said HE a little worn from the starting problem but should be fine , he fired it up and it behaved ,24 ours later and bangs got worse and then one very loud one and boiler shut down showing ei33
    i opened it up to check everything and reset ,it is now running again with normal ignition , but for how long , it is now running but but without the fan stopping it keeps refiring up to 3,4 times so off then back on off then back on ,he suggested a new boiler or possible gas valve replacement . I would really appreciate some advice on this as to which road I should go down

    • Hi Seamus

      I have consulted our technical helpline who suggest your Gas Safe registered engineer replaces the electrodes. They do need replacing occasionally because they fire up and get hot every time the boiler starts. They also suggest the engineer double checks and does a gas tightness test to make sure there isn’t any seepage while the appliance is switched off. Finally, it could be a PCB timing issue.

      Your engineer can call the technical helpline for further advice (0844 871 1525) and have his Gas Safe registration number ready.

      I hope that helps. Baxi

      • Thank you , I will let him know , is there an email that I could send you a quick vid if what it is doing for further analysis ?

      • Thank you , vid clip sent
        Just trying to gather as much info to help him with his diagnosis , save time and money

      • Thanks for the advice , changed the electrodes and no more explosive ignition ! Also changed the flame electrode , boiler is working but after a while it will go into a reigniting loop , fan stays on but signal clicks in to reignite and will do this for quite awhile , the boiler still runs and lights up but keeps reigniting , all stats are turned up to mitigate stat signals , any idea ?

  26. My radiatior was leaking last night I had that sorted this morning and now my boiler wont fire up the burner light wont come on can anyone help its freezing and I cant afford for a an engineer to come out Thanks.

  27. Hi, we have a baxi 80e and the central heating keeps failing. We have hot water and all three plumbers who have been to fix it this year have said its the switch which turns it from water to heating. All they do is open the boiler and move the switch. The thermostat works fine. Is there anyway I can do this myself as it’s cost me over £200 in call outs this year? It was fixed on Thursday and has broken again by the Sunday. I must say I’m incredibly unimpressed with this boiler.

    • Hi George
      Thanks for your email. You don’t mention how old your boiler is or if it has been serviced annually. I have asked our technical department for advice on what could be wrong with the switch you mention. As soon as I have an answer, I will respond.

      In the meantime, it is important that you don’t try and open the boiler yourself. For your safety, a only Gas Safe registered engineer can legally work on gas appliances.

    • Hi George
      I’ve heard back from our technical helpline. It’s difficult to know what the issue is without actually seeing the boiler, but they have suggested you ask your Gas Safe Registered engineer to call the helpline on 0844 871 1525 (if he is on our works loyalty scheme he will have a special priority number he can call) while he is in front of your boiler with a multimeter, so they can talk through the checks to make to see if the switch is the problem.
      I hope that helps. Kind regards Baxi

  28. Dear Baxi I have Baxi Neta-tec Combi 24 GA, Serial # GGP130410046AC-L37. Basically I ran out of gas and I have the error code E133, on the digital display the E133, R, and burner prevented form starting icons are present. I have tried your video on youtube, ie running the hot tap and re-setting the boiler, but the boiler does not reset it just goes into standby. Any suggestions?, I’m a housing association tenent, so if I need an engineer I would have to go through them I suppose!


    • The solution was easy, only push the reset button for 2 seconds then release, pity it took an engineer to tell me, this should be in the owners had book!

      • Thanks for your comment – feedback is noted and will be sent back to the writers of the owners handbook.

  29. Matt Gunning’s comment about only pressing the reset button for 2 seconds really helped me. My duo- tec combi GA 24 was displaying error code 128 and I was holding the reset button down until my fingertip went numb waiting for something to happen. The manual didn’t help and I looked everywhere I could think of online and finally found this. Thank you for posting Matt.

  30. I have a Baxi Solo 30 HE A boiler Serial no: BSX 130760002 EC- H14. It works with a megaflow system which has a red pressurised tank just above the large tank. At the moment the central heating system has been drained down to replace radiators and valves. The water supply to the red tank has been shut off, emptied and this has no pressure. The plumber informed me that I would still be able to use the boiler for hot water while the heating system was drained down. Is this true ? The boiler is now making some awful noises like it is air locked and I have switched it off in case it does any damage. Does the whole heating and water system need to be repressurised before I can safely use the hot water system alone, or is this just a coincidental problem with the boiler which is still under warranty? Please advise. P.S. There is no separate header tank in the loft or any other pipe work.

    • Hi Peter
      I have asked our technical department, but it is very difficult to advise without seeing the system. If your boiler is still under warranty, we can arrange for our engineers to come out and fix it free of charge, if there’s a problem with the boiler. Please call us 0844 871 1525 to arrange a visit.

  31. Help! Our boiler is not working, we had a new fan put in 14 months ago, July 2013 but actually only been used for 7-8 months maximum. It is a Baxi duo tec combi boiler HE it us seven years old. It was an expensive part costing £196. The code that is displayed us 168. Help please…..

    • Hi Derek
      Sorry you are having a problem with your boiler. Of course, it may not be the fan again – your boiler has electricity, gas and water coming together at very high temperatures, and sometimes things need replacing, either during the annual service, or in between, just like when you have your car serviced. If it is the fan again, and if the part your Gas Safe installer fitted was a genuine Baxi part, it will have a 12 month warranty. If you have the paperwork for the repair, or your installer can let you have it, you can contact us on 0844 871 1525. Or if our service division did the work, they will have a record, so call them on the same number. Either way, they should be able to help.

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